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S ervices: Our service includes all the process from harvesting and cropping till successful delivery to the client, estimate shipments and look into information management as well. We specified project management that includes maintaining and supporting in the execution or implementation of work systems that is specifically for a new entrance or new consumer. We always find possible ways to improve our quality hence we plan and analyze clients’ feedback very well. Just quality not only expert in production but also our search engines are very strong and effective collection of suppliers and goods.

Launching new trends and introduces new variety always, our search engine staff has an adequate knowledge of new trends and latest variety, and they always find ways to complete and carry out the customer’s needs and demand. Our global support team also works to improve the process and work in an efficient and effective way than before and modify the equipment processes. Hence, different teams put their utmost effort to give the best service to the customer.

We also give the quality systems and diploma to those who want to become a part of our team and work with us. Another service includes research and production of actual specifications for our client as well as market; also provide project services that include social and environmental projects for sustainability and harvesting and product commercial life addition projects.

Our customer services are always open up for everyone, anyone can contact anytime, do not hesitate to contact as the process is way easy. If you want to be part of our team so you must have a diploma in agricultural sector as well as must be fluent in English, simply drop your resume at Our Mail

P roducts. How we select the products: Just Quality Europe always focuses on quality product, they always try to deliver high enough level products that represent the genuine and actual quality product. Our top management looks into overall the process of selection product and provides a proper guideline to its employees in order to select the best and high-quality product. After the selection, the end result came out the best quality of shipping lots, as we never compromise on the quality so you will get an inclusive worldwide control that will sum up the common quality of the lot and also you will get all the information on the exact quality of all pallet and a color coded synopsis as well.

All the summary of selection goes through a web portal (extranet) that a manager can access through a password. A manager can easily check the selection of product from the beginning to an end and also can check the status of your stock. Though in order t make a better and smooth planning we generate a report and combine it with your ERP so the information can be switch over without any difficulty. Our quality control department generates a report efficiently and takes up all the information from your ERP or previous record after that send it again all the data in real time that only can be accessed with a password.

We specially allocate an individual who only looks over the control quality and arrange the shipping process as well. While you just simply need to place an order with all the detailed specification of your order along with your address and receiving time and we will definitely try to reach up and deliver you a quality parcel on time.